The Maker Faire Hyderabad 2019 Core Team will comprise of enthusiastic, committed individuals who pledge to collaborate and fulfill their responsibilities to make MFH 2019 successful. We are looking for a diverse team and the application is open for artists, hobbyists, maker spaces, engineers, designers, crafts people, architects, event managers, marketing and any other members of the community. The Core Team will define the theme for this year’s edition of the Faire and make it their own with support from T Works. Applicants must be prepared to collaborate, work outside their comfort zones and offer support to their team members.

The following are some of the expectations from the core team members which should be considered by all applicants before they apply. Please read the below points before filling the application HERE.

Expectations from MFH 2019 CORE TEAM MEMBERS

  1. Develop the MFH 2019 theme and format

    1. Define an overarching theme that leads to sub-themes

    2. Develop a strategy to meet the vision for Maker Faire Hyderabad in terms of timelines, responsibilities and ownership.

  2. Sub Team Formation

    1. Define roles and responsibilities

    2. Source candidates

    3. Orient teams, assign work

  3. Call for participants, speakers, exhibitors, delegates

    1. Content creation for invitations

    2. Develop list of speakers, delegates, exhibitors etc.

    3. Send invitations through approved channels

  4. Design

    1. Shortlist and finalize design resources jointly with T Works

    2. Work with selected resource to design collateral, merchandise as needed

  5. Planning

    1. Developing comprehensive execution plan (pre, during, post event)

    2. Work with PR agency/resources jointly selected with T-Works

  6. Pre-Production

    1. Plan logistics, events in designated districts and towns within and outside state of Telangana

    2. Coordinate online and offline promotion activities

  7. Production (Event Days)

    1. Develop and manage event day activities

    2. Coordinate with production agency and venue for arrangements

    3. Coordinate with exhibitors for installations

    4. Develop sessions, workshop modules, source consumables

  8. Post Event

    1. Manage post-event meetups, dinners

    2. Manage post-event communications, logistics and reports


  1. Venue booking for the event

  2. Obtain government permissions as and when required

  3. Raise funds from sponsors

  4. Discuss, provide inputs and approve plans proposed by CORE TEAM expeditiously

  5. Manage important communication with stakeholders

  6. Provide visibility and support for the CORE team members up to a month after the Maker Faire. T Works will cover MFH 2019 expenses incurred by core team members.

The above list is not intended to be exhaustive, changes may be made depending on requirements and resource availability. Our vision for Maker Faire Hyderabad is to recognise and reward makers, inspire the community to take up making, and create an ecosystem conducive to the maker culture.

to apply please visit core team application page